Shop Confidently With The Maverick 10-Year Advantage™

Maverick Energy Solutions Announces Optional 10-year Warranty on LED Lighting Fixtures (Industry-leading warranty coverage including parts and labor) Maverick Energy Solutions (MES) a leading manufacturer of energy-efficient lighting, announced the introduction of an optional 10-year warranty on LED indoor and outdoor lighting fixtures that includes coverage for parts and labor.

This industry-leading warranty provides Maverick Energy Solutions customers with higher levels of quality assurance and value in every lighting category.
“From the beginning, Maverick Energy Solutions has stood firmly behind its products,” said Maverick Energy Solutions CEO. “Our new 10-year warranty reaffirms our confidence in the quality and performance of the Maverick product portfolio and our long-term commitment to our customers. That’s how much we believe in our products — it’s the warranty you’ll never have to use.”

The industry standard for most commercial LED light manufacturers around the world is to offer a 5-year warranty. By upping our standard warranty on all products to 7 years and offering a 10-year warranty that includes coverage for parts and labor, Maverick Energy Solutions is committing to its customers that it is here for the long haul, while give them the proper peace-of-mind on all of their projects.

How it’s done?

Maverick Energy Solutions is capable of offering extensive warranties due to its ongoing commitment to using the highest quality components. MES products undergo rigorous testing and verification by its NVLAP- and UL-accredited laboratories and accredited third-party testing partners. As a result of MES’ dedication to achieving the highest product performance standards, most of Maverick Energy Solutions’s LED products are certified and listed on the Design Lights Consortium (DLC) Qualified Products List.

Who are we?

Maverick Energy Solutions is a leading LED lighting manufacturer, specializing in the manufacturing of innovative, next-generation LED lighting solutions that improve lighting quality, efficiency, and reduce strain on the environment through reduced energy consumption. Maverick Energy Solutions’s goal is to serve the ever-changing need for energy-efficient, sustainable lighting and smart control solutions. Maverick Energy Solutions has over 50 years combined experience in lighting manufacturing and has produced many innovative products which are shaping today’s industry.

Maverick Energy Solutions began to grow rapidly when it first launched in 2013 as a small Female Minority owned brand. Today, Maverick Energy Solutions has grown from humble beginnings to a provider of over 300 LED products and a brand that has over 10,000 customers worldwide.

Our expansion is largely in part due to our commitment to quality and service. MES currently holds several patents and more than 600 certifications and qualifications. We provide exemplary customer service and sales guidance with live support and an exceptional warranty on all purchases.

By choosing Maverick Energy Solutions, you are making a trusted choice in LED lights while supporting a family business legacy with a focus on a clean energy future for our planet.